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Ferdaws Alizada
  • Graphic designer

Ferdaws roams the worlds of art, music and sport, collecting an eclectic range of influences that he brings back into his work. As graphic designer at monopo, Ferdaws injects personality into branding, communications and digital design projects, applying an experimental approach to design across typography, editorial design, motion and three-dimensional studies. A Winchester School of Art graduate, Ferdaws joined monopo in 2021 after 2 years at design studio I love Dust in Portsmouth.


Director of Music Born in Afghanistan Fifa King WSA Alumni Sneaker Collector Kabul → Exeter → London


question 1

Which book are your currently reading and why?

I’m currently reading Leading by Sir Alex Ferguson. The book is about his idea of leadership, management, and pursuit of success. He breaks down his philosophy into a set of principles which one can live by. As a Man United fan, I’ve always been a huge admirer of him, for not only the success and trophies he brought but his philosophies of discipline, man-management and his idea of work ethics. Having managed the likes of Keane, Scholes, Beckham, Schmeichel, Giggs, Cantona, Irwin, Rooney, Carrick, Van Der Sar, the list goes on.

Throughout the book, you learn so many aspects of what it’s like to be a manager and manage players of that caliber. You learn how he got the best out of each of those individuals, their characteristics and traits. He takes you through his childhood in Govan, a town in Glasgow, Scotland, his playing career and his managerial stints in three Scottish clubs before he got the job at Manchester United. What I loved about this book is how raw and open he is about his experience. He discusses his career in very vivid detail and takes you through his mind and what he’s thinking. For a non-football fan, the book is also very relatable as he approaches leadership in all areas of a football club, which is relatable and transferable to almost every leadership situation. There are excerpts on listening, discipline, networking, job hunting, work rate, conviction, complacency, teamwork and so much more. Would highly recommend this book!

question 2

Is there a personal project you did and you are particularly proud of?

Early last year, work suddenly ground to a halt due to the pandemic. I embraced this time to push myself out of my comfort zone and do the 36 days of type challenge on Instagram. This was a great way to push myself and create new ideas everyday, for 36 days. I wanted to experiment with as many different mediums, and learn as many different skills and techniques as possible. It definitely challenged my creative process from initial sketch to final execution. It also made me realise I need to put more time towards my passion projects and do more personal work this year!

question 3

If you had to pick 3 favourite trainers from your collection what would it be?

One of my favourite films is Forrest Gump and I remember when I first watched that film and saw Jenny give Forrest a pair of Nike Classic Cortez's. I was instantly drawn to them. I think ever since then I've always been into sneakers and loved the idea of collecting them. So far my collection is very small, but the three sneakers I rotate the most are my Nike Dunk Low retros, my Nike Classic Cortez’s, and my New balance 550 x ALD’s.

question 4

What do people often get wrong about you?

My first name, it's a tricky to pronounce! I’ll buy you a coffee if you get it right first time! ;)

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