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Jack MacKinnon
  • Graphic Designer

Jack always finds new ways to look at the world. Be it through the lens of his camera, motoring towards the far corners of Europe or moving continents to change his perspective. Born and raised in Melbourne, Jack studied Communication Design and Business before co-creating “Inside Voices”, a circular clothing project based around creative expression and community empowerment. At monopo, Jack lends his views and craft in Graphic Design to help brands express themselves with both punch and class.


Melbourne → London Director of Headwear Graphic T-Shirt Collector Always scouting the next wild swimming spot Analogue lover


question 1

Imagine you’re releasing a music album tomorrow. What genre is it and what’s the title?

“A Little Bit Of Everything” 

It would have to be a genre-fused double album that blends styles of Folk, Pop, Soul, Rock, Hip-Hop and everything else in between. I have an odd assortment of interests and aspirations and would love to be able to do a little bit of all of it when I get the chance!

question 2

What do you find most rewarding and most challenging about the work you do?

Feeling inspired and driven to create work that you love and are passionate about is such an enjoyable part of being a designer. It’s so rewarding being able to create something visual that others can connect with on different levels and draw inspiration from in their own ways. In terms of what can be a challenge, I often struggle with switching my mind off once I get going on a project. Being a self-critic, I tend to overanalyze my ideas and constantly look for ways to improve upon them.

question 3

What is the one thing from Australia that London needs and one thing you would absolutely leave behind?

London absolutely needs Grill’d Burgers. If you know, you know; and if by any chance someone from Grill’d sees this, you know what to do. On the other hand, Australia can keep the bin chickens… I won't be missing them. 

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