Natsu's lens

Natsu Ikeda
  • Studio assistant

Natsu nurtures the everyday flow of studio life. Her keen eye for detail combined with artistic sensibilities help her craft an inspiring and fulfilling environment.

Born and raised in Japan, Natsu originally studied in Gakushuin University including an exchange year at Oxford Brookes University before starting a career in management consulting. This gave her the opportunity to work and live for several months in China and Mexico. Seeking a shift towards the creative industries, Natsu moved to London to study Arts Management at Goldsmiths University. Her course is currently ongoing and Natsu works with monopo part-time to put theory into practice.


Born in Tokyo Office director of snacks Tokyo → Oxford → Mexico → China → London Avid pianist Fervent runner Passionate yogi


question 1

Imagine you’re releasing your own exhibition tomorrow. What would be the title and the concept? 

This sounds exciting - and it is exactly what I’ve been working on for my assignment! The title would be “Ma: Space” and the exhibition would extensively explore how Japanese culture fed into arts and design, shaping the identity of people.

One of my dreams is to create an engaging, inspiring exhibition that is accessible to as many people as possible. Having been to a number of galleries and museums, I love the freedom of interpretation and imagination that we all have.

question 2

What’s one item you wish you had brought with you when you moved from Japan to London?

A bathtub. My routine to soak in the bath at the end of day cannot be replaced with anything else. It’s also the first thing I would do when going back to Japan.

question 3

What’s the most inspiring thing you’ve taken away from your Goldsmith’s course so far?

Trust yourself and follow your own path - do what you want!
At first, I was a little anxious about shifting to the world of arts, from the familiar world of business. After studying at Goldsmiths, I have become confident that it was truly the right and necessary decision for me. The wide range of subjects with lots of interesting talks, plus amazing, supportive friends, have made my life incredibly rich and even more valuable. :)

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