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Paige Collins
  • Creative producer
  • PR manager

Paige brings people together. With a degree in Illustration and three years of experience working as Illustration and Animation agent, Paige is able to combine a practical production sense with a deep artistic sensibility. What drives Paige most however, is nurturing human collaboration. As a Producer at monopo, Paige is constantly looking to create an empathetic and inspiring relationship between brands and creatives.


Sheffield → Edinburgh → London Director of Grunge X-Files Nerd Mushroom Foraging expert Simpsons fanatic Cowboy lover


question 1

Imagine you’re releasing a music album tomorrow. What genre is it and what’s the title?

‘Bad GarageBand Covers of film themes.’

My pandemic lockdown activity was learning GarageBand; a joke that turned into a serious hobby of covering film scores with the preloaded synth keyboard, and then encouraging my friends to guess what it is. 

Suffice to say I still don’t know how to use GarageBand.

question 2

Which subject can you talk about the longest? Go!

The Simpsons. Without a doubt. 

In its heyday, The Simpsons had some of the best writing of any TV show. The ability to show the true atrocities of human behaviour yet still have a bearable, relatable and sympathetic view of its characters is a skill not all TV shows can crack. 

The writers didn’t patronise their viewers. They understood we’re all human, make monstrous mistakes, love and hate at the same time and left it in the writing for us to just get it on our own. Mixed of course with the fact it’s predicted almost every significant political event in the last 10 years – It’s safe to say the writers understood human behaviour. It’s a perfectly cromulant TV show.

question 3

What do you find most rewarding and most challenging about the work you do?

Managing people. It’s by far the most rewarding but challenging experience when producing because there is never a straightforward solution. We’re not all programmed to work the same, so understanding your team in a personal way can be hugely beneficial to your efficiency and your team’s personal growth.

question 4

Is there anything you'd love to see change in the design world?

I would love to see more transparency and fluidity in the creative industry. Continuing to work in an outdated method because ‘that’s the way we’ve always done it’ isn’t a good enough excuse anymore and it never was. Allowing ourselves to be open and fluid with who we work with, and how, can bring incredible depth and diverse perspectives to creative projects. It not only enriches the work method, but also the output.

question 5

Is there a personal project you are particularly proud of?

I often keep a sketchbook with me and draw when I have a few moments of time. It’s an ongoing personal project that I hope I always have time for. 

question 6

Describe your perfect party.

A monopo London party because it’s full of wonderful people and the fridge is always stocked. Kanpai!

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