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  • Jul 05, 2021

Where’s the line between reality and fantasy? On holiday, there is none. Luxury travel brand onefinestay invited us to conceive and produce a communications campaign that elevated the brand and celebrated fourteen new travel destinations.

We leaned into the sub-culture of dreamscapes to create a campaign that made people question their own sense of reality.


Launch 14 new destinations through one long-term communications concept

onefinestay is a premium travel brand, making the most desirable homes in the most exquisite destinations available for rental. Up until this summer, the brand had done individual campaigns for each new destination, but it was preparing to launch a massive 14 new destinations over the next six months. Not just a commercial opportunity, but also a brand-building opportunity. Our challenge was to come up with a communications concept that could work across 6 months and 14 destinations, driving desire to book but also a fresh appreciation for the brand.

/02 Concept

Unlock your dream stay

What struck us most was the fact that onefinestay is so much more than just top-notch villas in fantastic locations. Every onefinestay also comes with a range of concierge services. The brand really does everything within its power to take the hassle out of holidays. A onefinestay holiday walks the fine line between reality and fantasy. It was this edge of reality that we wanted to find with our campaign. We wanted to show people that, with onefinestay, the line between reality and fantasy fades away.

/03 Art Direction

Unlock dreamscapes

How do you show the edge of reality? It turns out, an entire community of 3D artists has been working on this very question. They create dreamscapes; scenes that could be real, but leave you wondering if what you are seeing is actually possible. Exactly the sort of curiosity that we wanted to trigger with people that came across this campaign. 

We worked with two 3D artists to create a total of seven dreamscape artworks. Two dreamscapes represented the hero destinations that were added to the onefinestay repertoire: Ibiza and Aspen. A third visual, which would be used for print magazines and other media placements, was designed as a generic dreamscape that could cover both beach and mountain destinations.

A further four artworks were designed to represent the specific concierge services that are available in every onefinestay: experiences, wellness, private chefs and travel management.


An integrated campaign across paid and earned channels

The campaign was rolled out across a range of paid and earned media. Our hero visual ran as a print advert in travel magazines, while the different supporting visuals ran in digital display and social media placements. PR and media partnerships helped spread the campaign further. All traffic was directed to a campaign page which showcased the new destinations and gave people the opportunity to book their stay.

On Instagram, the dreamscape for Ibiza released this Summer really resonated with what people were dreaming of. The visual has been reposted by many influential accounts.


The team

  • Creative Director / Designer: Mélanie Hubert-Crozet
  • Strategic Director: Mattijs Devroedt
  • Producer: Fred Mouniguet


  • 3D Artist: Loftgarten
  • 3D Artist: Ross Mason


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