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Maud Dedecker
  • Creative producer

Maud makes things happen. She is the production heart of monopo london, liaising with internal and external teams as well as clients to deliver ambitious projects effectively. Curious by nature, Maud very quickly built up broad-ranging experience as a creative producer, having led production on everything from a television series to a short film, integrated campaigns, digital content, a podcast and a COVID-proof summer of drive-in cinemas. Maud joined monopo in the second half of 2020 after moving to London from her native Antwerp.


Director of dancefloors Margarita master Born in Leuven Sister of seven siblings


question 1

What motivates you the most in your job as a producer?

Driven by my curiosity. Fuelled by my optimism. I’m always looking for the right way to tell the story. 

As a producer, you are often seen as one of the least creative people in a creative agency but this doesn’t have to be the truth. As a producer you are in control of the execution of the idea. I think we should see it as our playing field, where we explore ways of bringing the story to life in a unique way. 

I am most excited whenever I can work on a project that's unlike any project I’ve produced before. It allows me to learn new things and to bring a little bit more creativity to the role of a producer.

question 2

Which celebrity, at what age, would you love to have a long conversation with?

Beyonce. Always Beyonce.

question 3

Outside of monopo, you sometimes work in hospitality. What do you like about it? Do you bring any learning?

I enjoy working in hospitality for many reasons ...

I like the change in energy during a shift. How it shifts from fun and relaxed to pure focus, and back. It’s all about teamwork and trust. You rely on each other. You help each other. To deliver an experience the customer enjoys.

Working together with people who are passionate about food is incredibly enriching. You get to learn more about different flavours, ingredients, and the culture of the food. And I love the free food of course.

I hadn't thought about the fact that managing the floor or working at the "pass" is in fact teaching me something as a producer. Both require you to keep an overview of all the moving parts. But that’s just the way my brain works. Whenever there is a lot of information, I see structure. This is very helpful when you are serving people or when you're producing a project. 

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