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  • Aug 12, 2020

monopo London was invited to create the brand strategy, visual identity and promotional videos for the music production start-up Musiversal.

The result is a flexible branding system that embodies Musiversal’s role of unlocking the potential of millions of music artists.

/01 Challenge

Building a branding system that is flexible enough to span the diversity of Musiversal’s offering

Musiversal is disrupting the music production industry. Applying a “shared sessions”-model, Musiversal has been able to reduce the costs of music recording tenfold. Rather than having to book musicians by the day, Musiversal allows subscribers to book by-the-hour timeslots through its platform. Large overhead costs like studio rental, diary management and production management are covered within the fee, making it easier and cheaper than ever to hire a world-renowned musician to record your music.

Our challenge: to distil the many facets of the brand story into one compelling brand platform and devise a visual identity system that is flexible enough to grow as the start-up scales up.

/02 Brand Concept

Make more music

While lower prices are always great, we wanted to focus the brand idea on what those low prices can mean for you as an artist at home. Recording music ten times cheaper also means that you can record 10 times more ideas. We decided to position Musiversal as a brand that enables you to become prolific. A brand that enables you to get all of your ideas out of your head and into the world. A promise that we distilled into one simple tagline: make more music.

/03 Visual Identity

Adding structure to creativity

Musiversal lives at the intersection of creativity and structure. While Musiversal gives you access to a fantastic inventory of musicians all over the world, the thing that truly sets Musiversal apart is the fact that in-house producers take care of the booking, recording and the delivery of your tracks. Yes, Musiversal is a creative business, but it is also a technology company that brings structure and control to what can be a very messy process.

In the visual identity we wanted to embrace this combination of creativity and structure. The branding system leaned on bright colours and strong portrait photography to show off the creative genius available through Musiversal, but also involved geometric brand shapes and frames that represent the support Musiversal provides to help guide all that creative energy.

Given the wide, ever-expanding range of musicians available, we made sure that the branding system was adaptable. We designated five colors and shapes to five types of musical energy. Red colours and triangular frames to represent power associated to rock/metal music, blue colours and squares for class associated to classical music, orange and ovals for happiness associated to pop music. This system allowed Musiversal to match its visual communications to the context it appeared in.

/04 Film

Remote solutions to produce promotional films

As a cherry on the cake, the brand identity project was expanded to also create two promotional films. With lockdowns in place in most countries when production was happening, we devised the films to combine remotely-shot live-action footage and 3D sequences. In the films, Musiversal musicians invite creatives from around the world to collaborate with them through the platform. As part of the visual identity, each artist is defined by one color and shape associated to its music genre.

This first video highlights Trevor Yasuda, pop / synth-wave music producer.⁠ Orange color and oval shape were used throughout the video to represent Trevor's pop music universe.

This second video highlights Rido, beat-maker and producer from Prague. Violet color and diamond shape were used throughout the video to represent Rido's electronic music universe.

In the third video, Nicole, executive producer, introduces Musiversal's live music production subscription.


The team

  • Creative & Art Direction: Mélanie Hubert-Crozet
  • Strategic Planning Direction: Mattijs Devroedt
  • Graphic Design: Mélanie Hubert-Crozet, Mai Takano


  • Film Director: Robin Mahieux
  • 3D Director: Vicki Dang
  • Film production: Robin Mahieux, Tiffany Chang
  • Film copywriting: Rodrigo Linhares


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