Jorie's lens

Jorie Einarsen
  • Graphic designer
  • Illustrator

Jorie combines her double personality of illustrator and graphic designer to craft imaginative brand worlds. Her ability to transform abstract concepts into relatable illustrations means that Jorie is able to make any brand feel like a living and breathing part of culture.

Jorie started her graphic design journey at the “Berghs School of Communication” before trading the Stockholm archipelago for the shores of the river Thames to complete her BA in Graphic Design at Ravensbourne University. A multidisciplinary designer with a penchant for craft and illustration, Jorie is able to draw out the true character of brands in both digital and physical spaces. Her work feels tactile and playful.


Ultimate Dog Fan №1 Born in Stockholm’s Archipelago Director of Fika Board Game Master Puts mayonnaise on everything Makes killer G&T’s Avid film photographer


question 1

 If you were a dog, what breed would you be?

I want to say Shiba Inu, because they have such a vibe and sometimes are a bit dramatic and stubborn — they like to observe and can be very silly. But according to a number of “what type of dog are you” polls, I am a Golden Retriever. I enjoy a good meal — but which dog doesn't? — I’m loyal, friendly, considerate and sometimes too eager to please. So a mix of both? A Shitriever!

question 2

How would you describe Fika to someone who is not Swedish?

The quick answer would be “having coffee and cake”. But it really is more than that: it is about companionship, it is a ritual, a state of mind — where you take a break to have coffee and a small nibble with your colleagues, friends or family. Be it 10 minutes or an hour, it doesn’t matter, as long as you make time for it.

question 3

Why do you like grids so much?

They are so amazingly satisfying to look at — I nearly squealed when I saw Agnes Martin’s work at Tate Modern recently. Grids give you balance in a chaotic space, especially if you find calmness in observing ordered and structured things. Grids are seeping into my everyday life, from the grid in my Indesign file, the illustrations in my sketchbook, to the pattern of my chapstick.

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